“The bowl for kids should support easy-to-spoon up and should be hygiene, and safe”. When our precious kids first use a spoon to eat or drink, it is difficult to spoon up, for they are poor at using a spoon. It is so sad for parents to see a child picking up dropped food on a table, or using the hands not to drop food, and hard to clear the dropped food. ONE CHILD KIDS BOWL’s unique design prevents food from spilling when spooning. ONE CHILD KIDS BOWL is in the main body of the bowl, there is the part projected up. Therefore, it is possible to put food on a spoon naturally and spoon up easily. When a child uses the projected part to spoon up, food does not flow out of the bowl. Therefore, it provides hygienic eating conditions. The floor of the bowl is inclined toward the projected part. Therefore, food is naturally gathered together below the projected part, and it is easy to spoon up. The product is made with 100% premium silicon used for feeding bottles and teething dots. The bowl is break free, microwaveable, dish washer, and safe for fridges and freezers. Thanks to its silicone material, the bowl does not slip away on the floor while a child is eating.

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