OMNIA, created for FÜRSTENBERG by the renowned EOOS team, is a universal tableware set that skilfully plays with contrasts. All four articles have a smooth inside and a matte exterior and appear finely layered. In addition to pure white, OMNIA uses the colours anthracite, light brown, bronze and dark brown to satisfy the urban lifestyle’s yearning for naturalness and sustainability. OMNIA is designed to cover all culinary eventualities with just four components. The special bicoloured version requires absolute precision during manufacturing, as the grooves in the coloured edition can only be made by applying a solid-coloured porcelain mass. A colour application later would result in the smoothing of the structure – and would not achieve the desired effect. Producing the double walls of the hollowware requires great dedication and care, such as can be found only in a manufacturing company with people who do what they love and love what they do. Finesse is essential when handling the individual thin-walled pieces, which are carefully bonded at the edges. The incredibly smooth surface of the series gets its finishing touch when polished by hand.

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