The WMF Michalsky Tableware Collection expresses today’s urban lifestyle. It also is a re-interpretation of a style relating to the design heritage of WMF of the 1920s. A complete tableware collection with cutlery, table accessories, subtly decorated white porcelain, and crystal glass is an invitation to a stylish treat.
“A perfect table setting requires of course perfectly designed individual products as highlights. But the coordinated impression of the entire ensemble is what really counts – people are searching for harmony. Therefore all accessories have to be carefully matched like in a perfect outfit – only then the result is really breathtaking.” Michael Michalsky concludes his concept of a perfectly laid table as a trendy lifestyle statement.
The reference to the design era between classical modernism and Bauhaus becomes visible in the combination of archetypical geometric shapes, clear proportions and a linear type of decoration carried out as steps. Each individual part of the collection plays a special role in the detail and contributes to the overall impression as an entity.

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