Levoop is an adjustable volume scoop that scrapes level to ensure an accurate measure. The innovative form and function are the result of latent needs found during a Dreamfarm usability study on scooping powders such as coffee. Levoop allows the user to quickly and easily scoop precise quantities of ingredients such as coffee, baby formula, or protein powder. Just slide the button forward, and the scraper ring levels the measure. Scooping powders often results in a mound at the front of the scoop and a void at the back. The innovative mechanism moves the scraper ring backwards to fill this void. It also allows the button to travel only a short distance to actuate the full scraping motion. When used for coffee, the scraper ring also acts as a funnel to direct the grounds into the espresso machine group handle. The clear base shows the user when all contents have been poured in. Additionally Levoop’s volume can be adjusted to consistently reproduce measurements between 17.5ml and 46.7ml, equating to a single shot of fine grind, and double shot of coarse grind coffee. Levoop has a purposeful yet minimalist form that reflects Dreamfarm’s existing coffee products and kitchen hand tools.

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