The design of the jade dome is inspired by the moon. In ancient China, the moon was regarded as a symbol of reunion. The pot body is round ,smooth and have a pure white color.the design of the mouth of the teapot shows a cynlinder shape and as well a square shape depending on the vision angle ; The handle has a triangular design,which is design to adapt to the handling habit of the user while protecting it from the hot surface ., the triangle design is not only made to get a good grip experience but also to give a great visual design The cup tickness is half the tickness of mouth lips , smooth, transparent and delicate. The 31 degrees edge curve design is just half the thickness of lips, the main purpose of this edge is to cool down the tea to have a better tasting experience . The whole round feels like ice . Tea stains are not sticking to the cup A temperature of 1380 degrees is used to produce this quality porcelain.

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