SCHÖNWALD, the specialist for professional porcelain, found the inspiration for its new collection in the world of nature. ISLANDS is a porcelain ensemble conceived for the composition of small and exclusive buffets. Arrangements that delight the eye and touch the sense.Buffet presentation is becoming an essential creative art both at home and abroad, above all at breakfast time. These buffet concepts set themselves apart from the rigid architectures of their competitors. They meet to the trend towards greater authenticity and a return to traditional arts and crafts. With this new, practically-oriented design concept, SCHÖNWALD provides culinary artists with opportunities to quickly and conveniently switch and change and compose product groups in unique arrangements. This combination lends an entirely new emotional concept to fine food presentation in buffet concepts. The collection offers eleven refined and delicately creamy, bone-white pieces, with the elegant body and unique resilience of Noble China. The ISLANDS collection is complemented by trendy items made of slate, wood and stainless steel. Perfect harmony is guaranteed, no matter how they are arranged on the buffet.

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