1. Easy and safe to use, this beautiful Oil Dispenser features an innovative gravity lid-spout, that opens and closes automatically when the bottle is rotated downwards to pour, creating a safe, spill-proof solution for oil storage.

2. Designed to resemble a bird in profile, the elegant design is perfect for any home, blending into any décor style with ease. With a choice of colors, there is something to fit any kitchen.

3.The clever spout is designed to be non-drip, offering a clean, easy pour that gives confidence and security for any chef.

4. The oil is held in a non-porous, glazed container, ensuring that there is no oxidation of oil or vinegar inside the dispenser. This means that from the first drop to the last, your oil or vinegar will stay pure, tasting as good as it should with no chemically aftertaste that is associated with some kinds of storage.

5. With a large, 10-ounce capacity and wide, easy to full opening, you can safely keep your oil in this stylish dispenser, even for the busy chef, you will always have the oil you need to hand.

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