Grande is the fusion of a double walled thermal table flask with the elegance and simplicity of a pouring carafe.
It works for both hot and cold liquids due to a totally unique self-sealing and patented pouring lid. The user no longer must remember to close the lid after pouring to keep the contents hot or cold. The lid automatically reseals itself, so the premium internal temperature is maintained.
To match the innovation of the closure a regular single direction spout has been remove and the rim engineered so it now has a complete 360 degree non drip pour. To optimise this any angle pouring we simply removed the handle and replaced it with an any grip silicon wrap. So now Grande can be picked up and used immediately which ever way it is facing. So much easier when the table is full of crockery and cutlery
Grande also fits easily into the fridge and the dishwasher as its slim-line profile and simplified construction remove the bulk ordinarily associated with table jugs.
Grande is so much more than just a coffee or tea carafe – wine, juices even milk can be kept cold and fresher for longer in Grande.
Directly from the fridge to the table…and back again.

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