The design purpose of FunPot is to create a teapot which has a very modern style and convenient way of usage. And the FunPot keep some of the traditional Chinese Kong-Fu tea spirit, thus the Kong-Fu Tea traditional culture can better merged to modern life-style.

To achieve the minimalism of the product visual, we make the FunPot with double-decker body.
So that the FunPot could be heat resistance while using, without the teapot handle.

The traditional way usage of Chinese Kong-Fu tea, the refilling of boiling water is frequently, and needed to remove the teapot lid at the same time while refilling, and which is inconvenient.
The FunPot improved the way of refilling, just push forward the lid to refill the boiling water.

To pour out the tea, hold the FunPot and use the index finger to press the lid at the same time to pour out. And this unique gesture is the spirit of Chinese Kong-Fu tea, and which is inherited. But for the beginner of Kong-Fu tea user, it avoids the risk of scalding.

The value of FunPot is to bring the spirit of traditional Chinese Kong-Fu tea to a modern life-style of using situation. Easy and safe for the Chinese Kong-Fu tea beginner.

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