“FLOWING” is to move; to respond; to answer; to redo.

Every terminal point will show its significance with a look back to its starting point.
The tree knows its purpose, that is why is sponsored by natural law. It has only one aim, to serve. Everything that is taken in through its roots, and processes through its roots, and processes through its trunk and branches, it gives out through its leaves. And when its acorn fruits are grown and its leaves are spent, it also gives them to the earth and starts the flowing cycle all over again.

“FLOWING” Cutting Serving Platter inspired by the tree and natural, born with the annual ring texture with some slight of flowing angle to keep juices from ingredients or food sauces to its juice groove. It made out of rice husks fiber, which is one of the major agriculture wastes in Asia by Husk’sWare. The platter inherited the original color, toughness and also the natural properties of the rice husks, with no involving of any additional chemical substances in its production. After the days of use, it also can be biodegraded into fertilizer by burial it into the soil and return to our Mother Nature to serve the natural law.

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