Fledge is a cutting board with flip-up edges that turn it into a tray. These edges stop food or liquid falling off the sides, making it perfect for transporting food or serving after food had been cut.

All Fledge boards in the range have non-slip rubber feet subtly integrated into each side, and the carving side has a generous juice groove for catching drips when cutting meat and other juicy foods.

Designed as an everyday cutting board, Fledge has a food gripping, knife friendly pattern. It is also dishwasher safe, with the size and thickness designed to fit the plate rack of all dishwashers. The range includes a large and small size, and is available in black, or selection of bright colours. The colours also allow the customer to use different colours to prevent cross contamination if desired.

Dreamfarm pioneered a new moulding process for this design – a thin outer shell is first moulded from food-safe polypropylene. The core of this shell is then filled with non-virgin plastic. The result is a thick plastic board, made mostly from recycled materials.

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