Figgjo Undring consists of a plate with an elevated hole and three accompanying bowls.

The idea for the product is a result of a growing trend in gastronomy – serving elements of a dish “à part” or “on the side”.
The bowls can be used for everything from serving a side of sauce, gratin, garnish, marmalade, smoothie – or as a small vase of flowers.
The hole rises seamlessly out of the plate and the soft transitions are continued in the shape of the bowls.

For the chefs preparing the food Figgjo Undring is creatively stimulating, for the person eating from the plate it offers a surprising interaction.
The plate also works well on its own – without the bowls. Then the hole on its own appears as an intriguing design element to the plate and to the tabletop surface.

Figgjo’s products are made from vitreous porcelain, a type of porcelain that has been specially developed for professional use. The porcelain body is strengthened with aluminium oxide, which makes the products especially strong and resistant to intensive use in a professional kitchen.

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