Figgjo Sans comprises three porcelain bowls that food can be eaten from directly. The bowls’ edge is designed so that the food hits different areas of the tongue, thereby intensifying sour, sweet and salt tastes. The narrow bowl directs food to the sweet and salty taste receptors on the tip of the tongue. The broader bowl directs the food to the middle of the tongue, where the tastes are balanced. The third bowl directs the food to the sides of the tongue, strengthening sour tastes.
Figgjo Sans offers an alternative to traditional cutlery, a product category that generally features little variation. The designers researched and experimented with the sensual experience of the encounter between food and object. They wanted to encourage people to reflect on how they eat, and provide new alternatives in this area.
Figgjo Sans is inspired by how one eats oysters. Proximity to the food and a focus on the moment heighten the experience. The shapes are appealing, elegant and comfortable to hold, and together form an attractive, decorative pattern.
Like all Figgjo’s products, Figgjo Sans is made from vitro porcelain, which is especially strong and resistant to intensive professional use.

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