This coffee service has been designed for black filter coffee and is intended for the professional market, baristas and coffee fanatics. The service comprises a pot and three cups, each of which adds a distinct functionality to the aroma and flavour profile of the coffee. The product family has been inspired by Japanese tea ceremonies where design and function go hand in hand to create perfect harmony. The small coffee pot is tailored for a sturdy manual brew from an AeroPress or V60, and is easy to clean. The characteristic cups accentuate the flavour and aroma of the coffee each in its own way. Their round shape fits snugly in the hand and lets you swirl your coffee in the cup. The products satisfy the wishes of the experts to further enrich the coffee experience, and are also compatible with the need for practicality in coffee bars; a visit to a café is about a shift in rhythm, a pause in time and the chance for a breather. Figgjo Oslo allows baristas to communicate and tailor the experience of the coffee’s aroma in a new and exciting way that elevates a visit to the café to a ceremonial level. Design by Kristin Ihlen in partnership with the world-renowned barista, Tim Wendelboe

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