It completes a romantic dinner table by realizing a twilight color sense through tone-down dual color, together with the creation of an originative atmosphere.
Diaz has completed a graceful, elegant line with close attention to graceful beauty, as well as the basics and finishing touches lest users should grow tired even through daily use.
It contains oriental sentiment and natural color, which put emphasis on restrained patterns, tender curves & embossed edge lines.
‘Terrafine Ceramic’ has natural beauty that never makes users grow tired even with the lapse of time using ‘Red Clay’, natural earth containing raw energy of earth itself.
Manufactured with the nation’s first developed high strength ‘Terrafine Ceramic’, Diaz has the same strength and durability as general porcelain. In addition, the red base of red clay is the natural basis which is optimized to express in-depth tone and texture, excelling in diversely expressing the depth of color.

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