In Taiwan, the fishery has indispensable position. We thought the idea from traditional fishing method and convert its dynamically mental sight. According to three methods, purse-seine net, trawl, and stick-held dip net, we design four types of ceramic plate. Furthermore, we embody both the culture and the delight with our literary and artistic works, so they can the stronger feeling with the happiness of great harvesting. We hope users could enjoy the delicious dish, realize the fisher’s life wisdom and comprehend the value of fishery culture in the meantime. Each fishing method has its own historical story. Combining fishing method with plates makes it closer to user’s living. On package side, there have the attached information with growing season of fingerling. Because we hope that consumer can enjoy the fish in the season and reduce the damage to the marine ecosystem by using our product. We use traditional fishing method as our major point and consider fishing information then add unique creativity to product, will let users feel more fantastic and imaginable.

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