Pass the nuts…

Have you ever experienced the following situation? You’ve cracked a nut and are at loss as to where you can put the empty shell? Placing the shells back into the bowl of whole nuts is, at one point, simply uninviting and eventually makes finding the rest of the nuts difficult. Setting a separate bowl on the table for the nutshells could be another possibility. However, Hauke Murken and Sven Hansen have given great thought to this situation; with CASCARA, they’ve designed an elegant and visually appealing high-polished stainless steel solution.

One bowl rests on the other. In the middle, you’ll discover a large opening where the nutshells can be inserted; where they disappear into the bowl below. After you’re done, simply lift off the upper bowl and empty the lower bowl.

Handling CASCARA is so simple and a pleasure for the eye of the beholder, literally inviting you to help yourself! The principle remains the same, the content could of course change and contain apricots, pistachios or sweets. When not in use, the nutcracker can actually be stored in the vertical opening, until it’s needed again.

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