The technology makes people communicate with each other easier but in cold way. So, the designer starts to find the frequently used daily necessities to be the bridge of the communication. The cup is the best choice he comes out of.
The English letter and facial expression sheet and the hole-filling silicone on the cups is the way how this mug can communicate with each other. All people need to do is taking out the words you want to express from the letter sheet and put them into the holes on the mug. It as well as can connect the warm words with the drink in the mug, like “Dear, a hot cocoa for you to warm up.”
The silicone on the mug also have heat-insulating effect to protect the hand from burning and the silicone on the bottom of mug can provide the mug from breaking and uncomfortable noise because of the collision. And there are 6 different colors for people to choose.
The designers also add the negative ion to the porcelain so people can always feel the negative ion from the nature. The negative ion release from the mug can have electrolytic action with the water to remove the peculiar smell in the water and balance out ph value, so health and enable to change the taste.

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