This object represents a set of serviette rings. It consists of 6 acrylic cuboids, accompanied by an acrylic cylinder as a closeable container.
Each cuboid (45x45x30 mm) is cut from a clear, transparent block of acrylic. One of the lateral surfaces is covered by a thin layer of white acrylic, the opposite side with black acrylic. In the middle, the cuboid exhibits a hole of 35 mm diameter to hold the serviette. The container is made from transparent acrylic as well, in stark contrast to its black acrylic lid. The lid is crafted with a hole in the middle, large enough to reach inside and to open the container.
Despite their minimalistic and rigorous design, the rings with their opposing surfaces designed in black and white – along with the serviette – allow for decorating the dining table in a variety of ways. When not in use, the cuboids may be arranged in their transparent container in different ways, resulting in a variable small sculpture which adorns the modern living room even after a meal.

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