High-contrast design object for the living area
With the dish "Big Lounge", WMF is once again introducing trends to the design of your own living area. For "Big Lounge" is a design object with its very own distinctive character.
Smooth dish, hard core – this motto certainly served as inspiration to the designers of the dish "Big Lounge". A glance at the new dish reveals the perfect interplay of geometric shapes and contrasts: The smooth body, which is reminiscent of a pillow, is intersected with a hard network of polygons. Its striking exterior appearance lends this dish its very own character. On its own or in combination with restrained decorative elements, it becomes an eye-catcher on a table or on items of furniture. For example, the round shapes and powerful colours create a wonderful contrast to the hardness of the polygons and the polished stainless steel appearance of the dish "Big Lounge".

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