SmartBase® Cold Brew Coffee System The SmartBase® is a tapered glass carafe which can be used as a cold coffee brewer or a cooling carafe. The SmartBase@ solves the condensation problem. Moving from the refrigerator to a warm room will cause condensation on the glass, which then drips onto a surface. But the SmartBase® collects condensation in an upper and lower stage. Water drips into the first stage. The bottom is slanted toward a center hole. Water drains through this hole and is sealed into the second stage. The very bottom of the base can be removed to empty the water. For cold brewing, the fine mesh filter tube holds about 350 grams of ground coffee. About 700 ml of cold water will cover the tube. After 8-12 hours, the coffee brewed by this method is concentrated and can make over 1200 ml of regular coffee. The Ice Pearls cooling tube turns the SmartBase® into a cooling carafe. After adding water and placing it in the freezer for a few hours, the cooling tube can be attached the same way as the coffee filter tube and lowered into any beverage.

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