The electric pepper mill Vitamino from Tescoma is made from resistant plastic and has an excellent ceramic grinder with a strong motor. With its streamlined and puristic design, it integrates perfectly into any modern kitchen and fits equally well as a classy accessory on a festively decorated table. It is perfectly suited to enhancing the taste experience with freshly milled spices. The handy mill can be used for trouble-free grinding of any dry spices that are not oily, for example salt, pepper rosemary or thyme. A powerful motor in the base of the device powers its high-quality ceramic grinder. It ensures that the grinder can grind soft, dried chilli and hard peppercorns with equal ease. The grain size can be adjusted individually using a fine-tuning mechanism.

Sturdy plastic guarantees a long life span

There are two major advantages to the fact that Tescoma makes the practical spice grinder from sturdy plastic:

  1. Firstly, the small kitchen helper can be cleaned easily. After use, simply wipe it off with a damp cloth and then dry it again. When changing spices, clean thoroughly under running water or in the dishwasher. (The grinder can be cleaned with a dry brush as required.)
  2. In addition, the plastic mill has a particularly long life. Unlike porcelain tableware or drinking glasses, it doesn’t have to be handled with particular care, so you don’t need to worry about children using it.

Pepper mill Vitamino works very simply

Before using it for the first time, place six AAA batteries in the battery compartment and fill the spice container up to approximately one centimetre below the upper edge of the transparent spice chamber. Place the container back on the grinder and turn it anti-clockwise to tighten. Then choose the desired grinding setting. You can get coarser grains by turning the setting in an anti-clockwise direction. Conversely, the grains get finer if you turn the setting clockwise. To season the food with the electric spice mill from Tescoma, simply hold it upside down over the plate/pot. The grinder switches itself on automatically. The motor stops automatically when the pepper mill is turned back to its initial position. One major advantage of the pepper mill is that it can be used with just one hand, while the other hand stirs in the ground spice. The pepper mill Vitamino is a practical helper that enhances your enjoyment of the food as well as a visually appealing decorative object for a tastefully decorated table.

Product features

  • Grinder: from high-quality ceramic, powerful motor
  • Adjustment: fine-tuning mechanism
  • Housing: from resistant plastic
  • Operation: 6 AAA 1.5 Volt batteries
  • Material: easy-care plastic
  • Dimensions: diameter: 7 cm, height: 21.5 cm
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