Anatoli Mystery candelholder set that is inspired by the aesthetic values that form the collective memory of the Anatolian lands, is designed using both traditional and contemporary production techniques together.

Each product is designed with regard to two of the main pieces of Anatolian culture: lace and candleholder. The softness, fluidity and richness of both Rumi patterns and lace, are blended with the hardness and clarity of metal. This synthesis embodies different characters in one solid body just like the Anatolian culture.

The vision of lace is adapted via laser cutting onto metal surface which beforehand, thanks to metal spinning, was turned into a candle holder. The main purpose is to bring almost outdated lace into home decoration in an unprecedented way. The smaller piece of the set helps create different combinations when used with or without the embroidered cylinderical part at the top. The separate base of this cylinder (holding the candle) is adaptable to both tealite and standard candle sizes. Thus, the user is free to create different compositions for different purposes.

Traditional metal working techniques are applied conveniently to brass before silverplatin

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