finum®’s mini LOOK TOUCH TASTE™ is a set of two patented salt & pepper grinders carrying the curvy shape of a bell. At their bottom there is a patented collecting pool which gathers the ground salt and pepper within. By tapping it, you can direct the desired amount of salt or/and pepper precisely where you want it!
With an elegant outer design that attracts the eye, finum®´s mini LOOK TOUCH TASTE™ is so much more. It includes a ceramic grinder mechanism therefore salt or/and pepper can be ground with no risk of oxidization or any other chemical reaction affecting aroma or flavor. mini LOOK TOUCH TASTE™ adjusts the coarseness of your grinding.

• ceramic grinder, no risk of oxidization
• patented collecting pool
• vertical / side grinding
• adjustable coarseness of grinding
• easy to clean
• in set of two salt / pepper mills on a tray

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