The M.C. Tangram is a candle holder that makes a full rotation during the time it takes to burn a candle. As the candles lose their mass, the candle holder starts to move. The rotation of the candle holder, around its axis, produces a continuously changing perspective. Observing the candle holder will allow you to recognize the four hidden silhouettes.

Experimenting with established processes creates new manifestations in various forms: here through the subtle transformation from one shape to another. The M.C. Tangram reveals the effect of energy through motion. Drawing the attention of observers to everyday processes that they are hardly aware of, or not at all.

Watch here the video of the M.C. Tangram

Materials: aluminium, wood
Dimensions: (width x height): 24 x 40 cm

Studio Nic Roex is a furniture and product design studio based in Amsterdam. The designs of Studio Nic Roex are based on a basic approach towards existing shapes, materials and techniques. Sharp construction and strong lines characterize the designs. This approach leads to transparent and clear objects, maintaining respect for the characteristics of materials, shapes and techniques.

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