Nuts are full of valuable nutrients – but first you have to get to the tasty insides. With the Lucky Punch nutcracker from design agency Take2, you can now crack the hard shell in style.

A nutcracker that punches above its weight

A slight flick of the wrist is all it takes to crack the nutshell – Lucky Punch with its sophisticated technique guarantees a knock-out result even when up against the toughest nut. Its strength stems from a clever yet ingeniously simple system: A spring-loaded slide moves freely in the casing when actuated with a simple flick of the wrist, developing substantial momentum. Lucky Punch can thus be used single-handedly and with a small amount of force, easily cracking any shell.

Straight-lined design

The power of Lucky Punch is encased in an attractively designed casing featuring straight lines. Streamlined and elegant, it extends upward, with high-quality stainless steel forming the nutcracker and the silicon plunger that surrounds the nut blending harmoniously into the design.

A nutcracker for fans of elegant design

Cracking nuts is fun with the innovative Lucky Punch. If you want to have this functional and innovative designer piece in your home, you can purchase the nutcracker, which won the Red Dot in 2013.

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