iSommelier is the solution to eliminate all limitations during conventional decanting. It is the first smart decanter using a revolutionary technology that reinvents the decanting experience to enhance the flavors and aromas of the wine in just a few minutes. iSommelier also softens the tannins and transports the wine to a stage of maturity that would otherwise require years of cellaring. How does it work ? –> Purified and highly concentrated oxygen iSommelier filters the ambient air and: – Removes air pollutants and moisture – Isolates oxygen from nitrogen and carbon dioxide – Aerates wine with a constant flow of purified oxygen –> A patented glass decanter iSommelier’s glass decanter evenly diffuses oxygen throughout the entire volume of wine: – It truly completes oxygenation – It rounds out tannins providing a smooth mouthfeel – It sublimes all aromas revealing the full potential of the wine –> Time efficiency iSommelier, unlike traditional decanting: – Shortens the decanting time from hours to minutes – Preserves all the complex flavors and aromas

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