‘Ganbei’ means literally ‘dry glass’ or ‘bottoms up’ in both Chinese and Japanese. At dinners or events the host will often say ‘Ganbei’ to toast their guests. It has the same meaning as ‘Cheers’ in English or ‘Prost’ in German.

The rounded shape of the GANBEI bottle opener makes it easy to grasp and feels reassuring in the hand. Its innovative 360-degree design means it can open bottles from any angle or direction without needing alignment, making opening a drink feel like an almost thoughtless gesture.

The object itself was designed specifically for the materials used. The precision die cast zinc alloy allows creation of the soft pebble-like shape for holding, while the stainless steel contributes durability. The high tolerances of the two allow for a perfect combination of the two materials. The result is a reassuringly weighty, superbly engineered object which will stand the test of time.

The special rough coating gives it a matte, almost stone-like appearance and feel. While designed a bottle opener, on a table or desk it can be used as a paperweight, an unusual home accessory as well as a purely functional item, which invokes curiosity and sparks conversation.

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