The Collier vase collection combines modern minimalism and appealing elegance while meeting the trend of haptic surfaces. The structures on the vases are inspired by jewellery and can be associated with a collier as the pearl pattern on Collier Perle caresses the vases like a necklace. The structure of Collier Carré traces back to the carré cutting of gemstones. Both patterns elicit a unique perception for the viewer – when looking at the vases it seems as the carré and pearl structures would narrow as they move along the bulge of the vase. Due to the six different shapes of the vases, Collier suits diverse living styles and one can stage flower arrangements in sizes from solifleur up to opulent bouquets. The porcelain vases are available in matt black and white which corresponds to the trend of contrasting colours in home & living. With the subtle structures and the obtrusive colouring Collier both emphasizes the resplendence of flower bouquets and can also be an attractive piece of jewellery when arranged as a design object.

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