‘Two Hands’ cookware is made with aluminum gravity die casting process that molten aluminum is naturally poured into a mold by ‘hand’ using only the force of gravity, not a pressure machine. This process makes differences in heat conductivity and even heat distribution of cookware. Its design concept that reflects this different manufacturing process is ‘handmade’. The name of this cookware, ‘Two Hands’, underlines its manufacturing process by hand. And classy quilted patterns on handle and base exterior add a ‘handmade’ touch to this cookware. Apart from aesthetic aspects, quilted pattern on handle makes it easy-to-grip and that on base exterior improves its structural durability. In addition, thanks to its stainless steel layer with magnetic properties in the bottom, ‘Two Hands’ can be used on electric, gas, induction and halogen stove. And ‘Two Hands’ is finished with Teflon® Platinum Plus, a non-stick coating, for easier cooking and cleaning and to look new longer and last longer.

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