Tool+ Automatic Exhaust Stockpot can be either manual exhausting or automatic exhausting with a well design cover. It’s developed with ful consideration of the traditional stockpot’s advantage with either a small exhaust hole or without any exhaust hole.
During the heating process, Tool+ Automatic Exhaust Stockpot will automatically close the exhaust hole for good sealing performance so that the heat and water can stay inside to keep food’s original taste and flavor. When the stockpot’s inside temperature reaches 80 degree centigrade or more, the exhaust hole will be automatically open, and the steam will be released out, so that the cooking status will be reminded, the cover won’t be lifted up and the food won’t be over cooked when extra steam and pressure are released.
The stockpot is equipped with vertical cover for space efficient. The G-shape design cover can collect the steam and enhance the sealing function, preventing extra water leaking on our kitchen table.
The stockpot is made by food-grade 304 stainless steel, polished in satin finishing and mirror finishing. The handle is made by cast steel and welded to the stockpot, easy for cleaning.

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