With extreme ergonomic design of the handle, this product has the best bending angle and a special shape of the handle. With red silicone handling point inlaid at the bending part of the handle, the user will always hold the bending part so as to avoid burning injuries subconsciously. The patented technology of Thermo-spot G3 Fumeless Wok can show you the best cooking temperature with the unified red color changed from light red and dark red. At the best temperature indicated by the product, the user can fry the vegetables without producing toxic substances and cooking fumes from overheating The non-stick technology with titanium crystal steel wear ring can provide long-lasting non-stick usage of the product, wear-proof and durable. The innovative stand cover can save the table surface of the kitchen, and the “G”-type opening of the pot cover can lock the cold water, and keep it inside the cover while not leaking onto the table. The high-quality thickened steel-aluminium composite material can evenly conduct thermal transmission with effective reduction of the cooking fumes, so as to reduce the air pollution caused by kitchen fume emission.

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