The design project THE FLOW is an innovative cooking concept to strain boiling water, without fixing the cover or without using an additional strainer! Detachable handles fixing the cover and keep it swinging above the cooking pot. While pouring out, a gap between cover and cooking pot opens and water flows out.
The cover has 2 different “strainers” – one in sieve design to keep i.e. cooked pasta inside the pot and on the opposite side a wide opening, pouring out at its fastest. The cover may also rest in “parking position” on top of the handles to simmer your food.
Since frying pans seldom need the strainer function, the cover here is perfectly working as an anti splattering cover. The covers of all frying pans are designed with steam holes on both sides of the rim – result is a perfect steam release during frying! All cooking pots and frying pans are suitable for the oven, because of the stay-cool detachable handles. Transform a frying pan in no time to a fry-serving-pan.

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