The T Chef Series Pure Cookware is designed for healthier cooking. This high quality cookware range stands for smart functions combined with waterless cooking (cooking with the minimum amount of water as possible). To assist the user with the waterless cooking method, a new type of valve system was developed with 3 different positions: open, closed and whistle. The “open” position allows steam to escape and avoids splashes. The “closed” position keeps the steam inside and creates a waterless cooking environment while using a low power for the hob. The “whistle” position gives an audible signal when the water is boiling; at this point, the user may choose to lower the heat and close the valve (for waterless cooking) or position the valve to “open”, allowing the steam to escape. The shape and position of the cover handle has been carefully designed to limit the contact with the steam. Straight walls are created to maximize the bottom diameter thus giving a maximum contact surface with the different hob sizes. The encapsulated vessel bases offer an optimal heat distribution. Easy stirring and turning of food can be achieved by hooking the cover upright at any point of the vessel rim. Calibrations inside the vessels make it easy to measure and add up liquids. All vessels can be used on all cooking surfaces, including induction and oven, thanks to the carefully selected materials for all components.

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