The ambition of Qidian®, is to significantly change the kitchenware market in aesthetics, usability and quality aspects. The patterns on the product is inspired by the spirit of willow leaf, where the fair natural shapes can be distinctively recognised around the body. Qidian®’s design language corresponds to handling ergonomics, which in detail defines the wavy shapes on the handle. The ‘invisible’ curves are deliberately put on the bottom of the handle to enhance the handling experience . This could offer a better practicability in real use. The utilisation of spot welding rather than rivet welding, ascends its artistic value by bonding main body and handles in a minimal unit. This solution could also avoid rust during daily uses. With energy saving and humanity considered, Qidian®’s three-layer compound steel body adopts medical level 316 stainless steel as the innermost layer. This could effectively improve thermal conductivity, and also reduce harmful substances. There are in total four pieces of cookware submitted for exhibition and award, which are one saucepan, one frypan, one wok with front handle and one wok without front handle respectively.

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