Pressure cookers have existed in the markets for more than 100 years, with excellent cooking results but with few innovations since then.
With the revolutionary Micro Pressure Cooker, Tupperware brings a new breathe to this cooking technique by combining two different methods in one product: the pressure cooking and the microwave cooking. This innovation is Tupperware’s respond to a growing demand for easy and healthy cooking solutions.
Thanks to this ingenious cooker, the consumers can easily prepare enjoyable meals for the family. It’s a perfect product to quickly make delicious soups, compotes and stews such as risotto, coq au vin, chili con carne, etc. Cooking with it becomes simple because no supervision is required.
During cooking, the sealed container and the safety lock provide the pressure and rise the inside temperature above 110°C. The pressure helps to combine an even heat distribution, a preservation of the flavours, a conservation of colours and a faster cooking.
The Micro Pressure Cooker has been designed taking into account the pressure cooker archetypes: nice rounded shape, generous handles, recognizable locking device. All the different functions can to be operated while wearing oven gloves: opening, closing, locking and serving. Special efforts were done to make the assembly and locking operations intuitive by using different pictograms.

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