ELO Black Pearl: a set of pots with perfect form and functionality:
* The patented glass lid, which can be sat upright thanks to its special handle, avoids annoying splashes on your worktops and seals perfectly due to its silicon rim. Water droplets simply run off the flat glass lid like little pearls.
* Markings on the lid show you the correct position for what you want to do, from controlled draining right round to releasing steam.
* The energy control system in the block bottom distributes the heat evenly, for perfectly cooked food and maximum energy efficiency.
* Quantities can be measured out easily and accurately using the litre scale on the inner side of the pot.
* The large plastic handles take the form of the lid handle. They sit nicely in your hand and protect you from heat thanks to the moulded heat protection.
* Thanks to the practical spout, not a drop is wasted. It can be used to pour liquids or release steam. Only the very best materials have been used, such as mirror-polished 18/10 stainless steel, heat-resistant silicon, a flat, shatterproof glass lid and easy-to-hold, brilliant black, heat-resistant plastic.

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