The Concept Pro cookware will win you over with its top-class quality and well-conceived, functional design. With the Concept Pro pots, German manufacturer Woll has created cookware that is perfectly suited for how we cook today. The five-millimetre thick bottom of the pot is perfect for contemporary kitchen ovens with induction hobs. The heat can distribute evenly over the entire base. The 5-ply sides of the pot comprise five layers. The sides made from stainless steel and the aluminium core complement each other such that the heat is also distributed evenly upwards to the top edge of the pot without any heat loss. Energy-saving cooking with an induction hob is thus continued without limitation using the cookware.

The pots with the clever lid

The practical cookware set comprises three pots of different sizes. The cookware for induction hobs is composed of three pots of different sizes, fitted with innovative lids for different types of cooking.

When the lid is propped on the handles, the vapour can escape and the food simmers away quietly. This position is also suitable for draining pasta or jacket potatoes without a sieve. The food remains inside, while the water can be drained off easily by tilting the pot sideways. The bevelled pouring edges make pouring easier.

  1. If the lid is put on slightly turned away from the handles, the pot is well sealed. This is the perfect way to steam vegetables for example.
  2. When you need to stir a sauce or stew during cooking, lift up the lid and insert it into the side handles. This keeps the lid out of the way. You don’t have to hold it, and the condensed water also drops back into the pot.

Concept Pro cookware from Woll – well-conceived in every way

Woll has put great thought into how cooking works in practise, not just with regard to the lids of the different-sized pots. The cookware from Woll is well conceived, and the Concept Pro cookware series features a litre gauge on the inside of the pot for measuring fluids. The black handles on the cookware have a practical shape and do not get hot even when the pot itself is very hot. They are ovenproof up to 220 degrees Celsius (= corresponds to 390 degrees Fahrenheit) and are firmly attached to the sides and lid of the pot with a screw. To let you always keep an eye on the food while cooking, the pot lids are made from safety glass. As you can imagine, even the pot lid will not be damaged at 220 degrees in the oven.

The Concept Pro pots are a boon for the environment

The Concept Pro cookware from Woll stands for high quality and durability with a 10-year guarantee that also protects the environment. The efficient heat distribution keeps energy consumption for cooking as low as possible, thus also reducing the environmental impact to a minimum.

Product features

  • Ideal for induction hobs
  • Energy saving, thanks to even heat distribution from the bottom to the top edge
  • Bevelled pouring edge makes pouring easier
  • Lid with 3 positioning options
  • Litre scale markings on the inside of the pot
  • Ovenproof up to 220 °C
  • Material: 5-ply stainless steel
  • Three-part set: Diameters of 16 cm (2 litres), 20 cm (3.5 litres), 24 cm (6 litres)
  • 10-year guarantee
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