The cheese fondue set Twinkle from Boska with a capacity of 1 litre and a high-quality finish is very well suited for a delicious dinner for four. A round wooden board made of oak serves as a rustic base. It contains spaces for five tea lights. The interplay of the wooden material and the candles gives the Candle Light fondue a little touch of campfire feeling, transforming simple vegetable snacks, bread and melted cheese into a meal for special occasions. Once the fondue has been eaten, the tea lights can be left alight to continue to provide a cosy atmosphere even after the meal.

Cheese fondue set Twinkle for an uncomplicated evening meal

The Twinkle fondue set, which has won a Red Dot, allows you to offer your guests a cheese fondue quickly and easily without any long preparation time. Because the attractive ceramic pot is not only fireproof but also microwave safe, the cheese can be melted in minutes. It doesn’t take long to cut some bread into cubes and some peppers, carrots, celery and other vegetables into strips. Before your guest has even finished his or her first glass of wine, the food will already be on the table. And it doesn’t always have to be cheese: You can also use the fondue set for a sweet chocolate fondue where the guests can dip various fresh fruits into a bath of chocolate and feast on the results.

Fireproof ceramic pot: correct use and care

To ensure that the classy, white ceramic pot can remain fireproof, it is important to soak it in clear water for two hours before every use. This ensures that the material doesn’t crack, even when exposed to high temperatures. The set shouldn’t be cleaned until it has cooled down in full. Do not immerse the stove frame in water or put it in the dishwasher. Simply wipe it with a damp cloth and some washing-up liquid. The ceramic pot is not dishwasher safe either. You can clean it easily by holding it under warm water and using washing-up liquid. There is no need to use hard brushes or metal sponges that could scratch the material.

The Red Dot award winner decorates the table

All winners of the Red Dot Design Award are characterised not only by their attractive and clever design but also by their functional nature. The cheese fondue set Twinkle is no exception, and was awarded the Red Dot Design Award by an expert jury in 2016. The clear lines and classy exterior of the ceramic pot together with the round oak wooden base and the small candles marries no-fuss functionality with an attractive appearance.

Product features

  • Parts: 1 fondue pot, 1 stove frame, 4 fondue forks, 5 tea lights
  • Material: Oak wood, glass, stainless steel, ceramic
  • Capacity: 1 litre
  • Suitable for: Oven, microwave, open fire
  • Not dishwasher-safe
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