Meet a fresh design for a Cheese Baker, equipped with a candle light tabletop stove. This combination makes it new and very attractive to try. Once you have been enchanted by the lovely smells of your dish baking, you will be charmed by the warm atmosphere the design of the set creates on the table. The Cheese Baker is a clear white china porcelain pan and lid for heating in the oven. The cast iron stove has the look of a gas stove stand. This set is designed with the retro trend in mind yet with a sharp contemporary styling. Since society evolves so fast nowadays people seek a secure feeling in tradition. The safe childhood memory makes them long for the past.
With this set you create a nice get together food moment for you and your beloved ones. Besides a delicious warm baked camembert you can also bring a delicious cheese fondue, mac ‘n cheese, meat stew or vanilla dip for dessert to the table with the Cheese Baker.

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