Healthy and energy efficient

Responsibly delicious
BK Innovita offers you the opportunity to prepare meals in a healthy and environmentally friendly way, without losing essential nutrients. Ingredients are cooked using a minimum of water, no addition of fat or oil, and a heat source on a low setting. This ensures that ingredients keep their flavour, colour and structure and that three times more vitamins are retained. Moreover, flavour and nutrients are not lost in the water.

Energy Efficient
The design of the pan makes it possible to prepare dishes at low to medium temperatures and the easy to operate smart button monitors the temperature and cooking time of the ingredients.The 3-ply material (two layers of high quality stainless steel encapsulating a layer of aluminium) ensures fast heating, optimal heat distribution and heat retention throughout the entire pan. The heat source can be set lower or even turned off when the pan reaches the set temperature. Food then cooks in the heat already present. This enables even greater energy-efficient cooking.

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