TrioCup is an all-paper, ergonomic, spill-resistant cup that eliminates the need of plastic lids in disposable cups. It features three extended foldable flaps: two side flaps with slots and one middle flap with a tongue. The user folds the side flaps so they overlap over each other, and secures them by inserting the third flap’s tongue through the slots of the two overlapping flaps to form a concave and spill-resistant top. The triangular body provides a firm and ergonomic structure to hold and makes the cups easy to stack. A 19 mm wide ellipse-shaped drinking spout, formed from the overlap of the two side flaps, is tailored to the lips and allows drinkers to sip comfortably. The top surface provides opportunities for promotional graphics and branding. The corners also allow the cup to hold tea-bag strings.

TrioCup’s integrated top allows for lower shipping, storage and material costs for both manufacturers and end user businesses. Its one-piece structure is optimized for mass-production using existing traditional cup-making machines. TrioCup will eventually be made using recyclable or compostable paper, making it part of the circular economy.

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