Tri-chapter is a collection that reforms conventional drinking experience with sleek lines and sinuous surfaces.

Our initial sparks came from the team’s common interest in science fiction. Trying to bring the power of tranquility to people’s dining rituals. Pulling away from the time & space currently inhabited, we may experience a magical journey from bud to neuron. Triangular and circular shapes are being played in both two-dimension and three-dimension to build sharp yet mellow containers.

The development and production of Tri-chapter is also a challenge to the process. Its cups are made of 100% strengthened porcelain. The round top and triangle bottom cup form promotes a unique four-time firing ceramic technology through a combination of manual and machine manufacturing developed. Saucers and spoons are made of zinc alloy, which needs to be gone through die-casting, conventional polishing, mirror polishing, surface chrome and PVD coating. The PVD coating process application in the field of tableware was expanded. All cups are in black and white, and the metal objects are in blue, brown, black, purple and gold five color options in order to adapt to different scenarios.

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