The Force Tamper is an adjustable const pressure punch tamper with auto leveling. Different from conventional tampers, this tamper generates punch by itself with certain preset pressure instead of manual static force. The generated pressure will be same each time independence to how the operation is done. It equipments with an auto leveling plate that will assistant to keep parallel of the tamping procedure. It will assistant distribution by spinning the handler before tamping. The benefit of this structure includes less stamina consumed, improved particles rearrangement and more tight.
The tamper base and the handler can be exchanged by user easily for different requirement. The body is made by food grade stainless. And the handler is made by wood or other suitable material for good handling and personality choice.
The inspiration of this product is not only make the most confusion parts in powder filling and tamping procedure controllable but also make the job easy and relax. Liberate the baristas from both mental and labor expenditure and reduce occupational disease. Helping baristas make every cup of coffee perfect and sure.

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