The BRITA fill&enjoy Style water filter jug is set to become the company’s new classic product, with a capacity of 1.4 litres filtered water and total volume of 2.4 litres. It is an all-round filter jug that can be used for making hot and cold drinks. The fill&enjoy Style stands out through its distinctive design. The convenient household appliance, which fits inside all refrigerator doors, with soft edges, smooth lines, organic shapes and the contemporary new design, speaks a language that is appealing, clear and deliberately minimalistic. One design element that BRITA has used here for the first time is the strap on the top, allowing you to flip open the lid and fill the jug with water. The flip-top lid and strap give BRITA fill&enjoy Style a splash of colour. The jug itself and the funnel are transparent, and the lid is white. BRITA is launching three different colour versions of the new product: blue, lime and grey. These colours fit in well with other products of the company, BRITA fill&enjoy Fun or BRITA fill&go Vital. BRITA aims to create a homogeneous image in terms of the colour range of its household products, in order to boost the brand’s recognition factor.

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