To enjoy wine at the perfect serving temperature without any hassle, you can order the practical Snap Thermometer from Vacu Vin online. The enjoyment of wine seems to be a science all of its own. In addition to the grape, the ripening process and the storage, there is also a ritual for drinking wine. Among other things, this involves serving the wine at the right temperature, because only wine served at the right temperature can develop its ideal aroma. The practical Snap Thermometer from Vacu Vin now makes it simple to determine the ideal serving temperature.

The right temperature with just one clip

Unlike other wine thermometers, where you have to use long sensors to poke around in the bottle, the Snap Thermometer makes it really simple to measure the temperature. The innovative wine thermometer is simply clipped around the bottle. After a brief wait, it shows the current temperature as an easy-to-read display, and you just have to compare this with the ideal temperature as shown on the label. For easier handling even for novice wine-lovers, there is also a temperature index in °C and °F at the back that provides quick and easy information on the required temperature.

Flexible and simple

The Snap Thermometer is made from flexible and low-maintenance plastic. As a result, it perfectly fits virtually any size bottle and can be used for any bottle. Its simple use and attractive design make the wine thermometer an appealing helper for all those who enjoy truly good wine.

Wine at the right temperature for full enjoyment

Anyone can use the Snap Thermometer from Vacu Vin to find out and measure the optimum temperature for a wine very simply, thus virtually guaranteeing enjoyment of the wine at just the right temperature.

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