The design of the Yuragi is derived from the valuable experience in harmony with the unique characteristics of new resin material, “Tritan”.

Tritan is redefining toughness and adding lasting value to products behind balance of clarity and greater durability, unbroken even if we can run over by a car. As it is thermally resistant and BPA free, anyone enjoy drinking safely even after pouring boiling water.

Tritan’s chip-proof characteristics delivers very thin and smooth to the touch. The curvy lines couldn’t be achieved by glass. This also generates hygienic function as these lines keep air go through even placing it bottom upward. Our aspiration is to create the long-lasting value by making it as simple as possible by integrating functional design and the value from material.

Resin is one of the important materials in industrial development but also causing the serious environmental issues. Resin is no longer a trash to throw away, but it transmutes into products we can use for a long time.
Our mission is to keep designing this new and true values by maximizing the characteristics of resin, and to spread them out to the world to solve the issue by resin itself.

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