In a modern society always increasingly “social”, where everyone is next to you, but no one is really close to you, I think it is important to value the few opportunities for dialogue and direct confrontation, especially within the family.
When I was young my grandmother cooked every day for us; she was at the stove for hours and when she had finished, approaching me she whispered “It’s ready: sound the bell!” It was just an old and rusty cowbell, but its chimes were an unmistakable recall to the family for a fundamental daily moment of sharing.
NORA is a calling bell for lunch with an additional timer function; it is stylistically inspired to a figure of a housewife and its aim is to become a significant object in the everyday domestical landscape.

The upper part is made of plastic, worked by turning, it is characterized by the softness of its shapes and the material finish that increases the grip in contact with the hand. The timer grid is directly engraved on the object. The lower part is made of stainless steel (mirror finish) made by drawing from a sheet of metal.

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