The world’s first double-walled coffee dripper is not only an optical highlight, which blends well with the modern and classical fine porcelain. KPM chief designer Thomas Wenzel has also set himself the ambitious goal of creating a coffee dripper, which is functionally second to none and allows the coffee to develop its full flavour. The KPM Coffee Dripper is handcrafted from the finest porcelain, which is absolutely neutral in taste due to its non-porous surface. By virtue of its low thermal conductivity, the material is ideal for brewing coffee. The double walls result in a hollow space with an insulating layer of air, which further reduces the temperature loss during filtering process. The outer wall does not heat up noticeably and can therefore be touched with the bare hand. The ribs of the dripper, which have the appearance of folded paper, conduct the coffee on the inner walls swiftly downwards. The size of the openings in the bottom has been calculated to let the coffee flow smoothly and be extracted gently.

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