Fresh herbs taste best, and that’s why is now stocking Fresh Herbs Grow from Emsa, the starter kit for your own personal herb garden. Cooking your own food is fun, particularly if you can refine the dishes with fresh herbs. But unfortunately not everyone has a garden in which to grow the herbs. The solution to this problem is called Fresh Herbs Grow herb pot from Emsa.

Miniature greenhouse and herb pot in one

Fresh Herbs Grow is a well thought-out system that combines a miniature greenhouse with a traditional herb pot. The overall concept is rounded off with a clever watering system. In order to allow the seeds to grow quickly, a bell jar included in the delivery scope ensures a perfect temperature and optimum ventilation. When the plants are big enough, the bell jar can be removed. The herbs are now ready to pick and still stay fresh and delicious for weeks on your window sill. And you don’t have to worry about watering either. A decorative flower serves as a water level indicator, so that you always see at a glance whether or not you need to reach for the watering can. The water is poured into a designated container, and the plants take as much fluid as they need via an absorbent wick inside the pot.

Basil – or whatever you want!

This innovative herb pot is perfectly suited for growing your own herbs at home. It is made from low-maintenance and durable plastic and its size is adjusted to fit the customary commercially available herb pots. The internal watering system can be set up easily in just a few steps and saves you having to water the herbs every day. Fresh Herbs Grow comes with a planter, a watering system, a bell jar and a seed pad with basil seeds – but of course you can also set any other kinds of herbs that you want!

An excellent design achievement

The Fresh Herbs herb pot from Emsa will introduce delicious fresh herbs to your kitchen. It makes a wonderful extension to the concept of a flower pot. For this noteworthy design achievement, Fresh Herbs was awarded an Honourable Mention in 2014. You can order this new type of herb pot in the colours white, granite, pink or green.

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